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Yin yoga (EN)

with Mariken Hogenhout

Yin yoga to turn inwards

In this class, Mariken guides you in a yin yoga practice. 

In contrast to more dynamic forms of yoga, Yin yoga doesn’t aim to strengthen the muscles, but to relax them.

By relaxing our muscles, we target our connective tissues in the deeper layers of the body. Connective tissue stretches and strengthens more slowly than muscle tissue. For that reason, all yin yoga poses are held for up to 5 minutes. In this practice we stay a bit shorter. 

Yin yoga relaxes (even though it might also challenge you in a good way), stimulates the flow of energy through our meridians (energy lines) and organs and creates space in body and mind. Practice this sequence before bed to improve your sleep or whenever you need a break to turn inwards. Read more about balancing yin and yang below. 

To get started:

  • Set up a cozy space for yourself
  • Gather yoga props to support the body, such as pillows from the sofa and a blanket
  • If you don’t have a yogamat, a rug is perfect too
  • Enjoy and unwind

DNYS offers daily in-person and online yin-, restorative- and healing yoga classes, as well as teacher trainings. Discover more here.

"Every boundary you dare to meet, brings you closer to yourself"

The balance of yin & yang

The healing practice of yin yoga

Mariken Hogenhout is co-founder and owner at De Nieuwe Yogaschool, teaches weekly (online) yin yoga classes and in several trainings on ethical spirituality and trauma-informed coaching and teaching. 

Mariken: “In our daily lives, all too often, we’re rushing through the day. Our schedules are full, we have active social lives and our physical activity is usually movement based. That’s why it’s so important to slow down sometimes to make sure we stay balanced. 

In yoga and Taoist philosophy, this is known as the balance between yin en yang. Movement and action are considered yang, while yin is about stillness and rest. 

That’s why, for many people that live in the city or generally busy lives, the meditative practice of yin yoga is incredibly healing. 

Among other things, yin yoga: 

  • allows you to relax and let go of built up tension;
  • creates space in your body and mind;
  • and teaches you to observe whatever is going on inside.  

That doesn’t mean it’s not challenging. Once we find stillness, our bodies start to process whatever it is that we’ve been through in our day, our week or even our lives. That means sensations can come up, as well as emotions. Or that you suddenly become uncomfortably aware of the dialogue in your mind.

The invitation in yin yoga is to witness it all from a loving space. To stay with the discomfort, without the need to change or fix anything. It’s then that the magic of yin starts to unfold.

The biggest misconception about yin yoga and yoga in general, is that you need to be flexible to do it. Being flexible can be a byproduct of yoga, but it is not a requirement. 

Yoga is about what you meet in your body, knowing that when you stay with the discomfort of a stretch, you might create a bit more space in your tissues. 

The same is true for emotions. If you allow yourself to feel, you stretch your capacity to hold uncomfortable emotions and learn to act from a conscious place rather than a reactive place. And that will transform not only your body, but also your life.”

De Nieuwe Yogaschool offers over 50 weekly yoga, breathwork, meditation and pilates classes in a beautiful historic building in the heart of the Jordaan, Amsterdam. You are so welcome at DNYS. We hope you feel at home. Or enjoy your classes online, live or up to to 48 hours later. Next to classes, De Nieuwe Yogaschool offers a wide variety of in-person and online (teacher) trainings around yoga, yogatherapy, coaching, breathwork and much more as well as inspiring workshops from international teachers. Discover more here.